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Marvin E. Brown: President

Marvin Brown founded Eagle Environmental Services in 1993 when he saw a need for a service oriented provider in the niche market of waste remediation, recycling and disposal services for industrial byproducts. Shortly after founding Eagle, Mr. Brown began to focus more on providing alternative fuels and raw materials to the cement manufacturing industry.

Currently, Eagle is a premier supplier of alternative fuels and raw materials for the cement business. Mr. Brown has over 24 years experience in the hazardous and non-hazardous waste business. Prior to founding Eagle, he spent time with Giant Resource Recovery, M&M Chemical and as an environmental coordinator with the State of Alabama Highway Department.

Miles L. Green, Sr: General manager

Miles Green has over 30 years experience in the cement, alternative fuels and raw materials businesses. Mr. Green had a long, successful career at Giant Cement where he was involved in all aspects of operating a large scale cement production plant.

In 1989, Mr. Green began working with Giant Resource Recovery, a subsidiary of Giant Cement focused on providing alternative fuels to the cement plant. While there, Mr. Green helped make Giant Resource Recovery a leader in the alternative fuels business.

Bob Gardner: Sales Manager

Prior to joining Eagle Environmental Services in 1998, Bob Gardner was with Eagle North America where he focused on developing new markets and designing remediation plans for the company's dredging and de-watering services. Mr. Gardner gained valuable experience and saw first hand the positive impacts of waste remediation during his years with Eagle North America.

Mr. Gardner also spent ten years with Waste Management where he was responsible for the development of special waste markets for three Subtitled D Landfills and development of hazardous and non-hazardous waste remediation projects.

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